Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Purple Tree Paints

Hi my name is Annie and I've very recently got into Arts and Crafts. I say recently as its now something that I would really like to  keep moving forward in and develop all these new skills that I'm learning. Ever since I can remember I've always enjoyed being creative. For example as a teenager my mum let me draw and paint  a dolphin and sunset scene on my bedroom wall! Brave mum! Then I entered a Christmas card competition at 14 and won, and was lucky enough to be in the paper and have 70 of my cards printed. Anyway life threw some other things my way and like you do I just got on with it. Life until now was meant for me to be doing other things. A few years ago I cared for a family friend who was a very artistic and won many awards for his beautiful water colours. I loved looking at them, flowers, gardens, birds and buildings. Sadly he developed vascular dementia and went down hill very quickly. He sat for many hours over time showing me how to paint and all my love for painting, drawing and creating came flooding back.

Life is sometimes very difficult, and these past few years my crafting has really given me personally something to do when I've felt down or anxious, there is something very rewarding and satisfying about creating something, especially if other people like it too!
Anyway ever since then I've been learning and really enjoying having a go at new techniques. I don't have any firm favourites, but I do love watercolours, art journaling, stamping, and beautiful colours, oh yes and sparkle!

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