Saturday, 22 July 2017

Looking To The Future.

Just thought I would share one of my favourite items at the moment. Its a dyary /art journal. Its by a lady called Dyan Reaveley who  has a huge range of paints,inks, stamps and stencils. I really like her stuff. You can start the dyary any time of the year, decorate it how you want and do some art journaling on the opposite page. This week has been very emotional as my youngest child finished primary school. We've been very fortunate that our children went to a great primary school, where they had lots of lovely teachers and great friends. The parents have also become good friends. You go through a lot together from mum and baby groups to the end of primary school, often relying on each other to help with childcare.  We will really miss everyone but we will see them around. Onwards and upwards for new adventures and fun times ahead, as the children go into their new surroundings, want to grow up too quickly and turn our hair grey with worry! For the record though, I will miss all those little magic moments where even a walk to the shop can be an adventure! Or to blow a dandelion on the way up to playgroup and they'd be absolutely fascinated. Wishing you lots of luck and joy to all those facing new challenges x

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  1. It is such a big step - my GD was telling me today that she cried on Friday - I told her it was OK as it is almost the law to cry on the last day at Primary school! The memories will always be there - even 30 odd years on I still remember all mine moving up to 'Big School' Love the dyary pages and the cute girlie! Hugs, Chrisx
    ps been experiencing a little problem linking - may be OK now!